Friday, January 20, 2012

Two steps forward....One Step back

I'm horrible.  I haven't blogged in well....a week or so.  But I've lost two pounds.  Only 98 to go!  I'm getting ready to start a total kick ass work out regime that uses military style boxing to drops the lbs.  I'm lucky.  I have my husband to help me.  I also have an amazing sister-in-law who is helping me so much.

Me:  *stares at a piece of cake*
Her:  *shakes her head*
Me:  *puppy face*
Her:  You don't need it.  You are doing such a good job.  Don't blow it.

The other night we were chilling out.  Her Packers had just lost.  She walks in with a pint of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and goes:

"I know you are on a diet and you are doing so awesome, but you have to taste this"  *holds out spoon with a bite of the ice cream.  "Consider it a reward."

Awesome Ice Cream and I'm not a huge chocolate ice cream fan.  This week however is the challenge.  I didn't lose the 2 lbs I wanted.  To top it niece's birthday is Tomorrow.  Her 1st birthday.  My husband's is Monday.  He's not a big cake person.  (But I love me cake.  *drools*)  Anyways, my sister in law (husband's sister) called me and was like "Missy, will you make Bree's birthday cake."

Of course I can't say no and I do love cake......  However, she wants strawberry cake which isn't my favorite.  So that helps wing that craving to eat the whole thing......Because I really could in the right situation.....I am after all an emotional/bored eater.  But lately I've been going back and looking at the dress I want to walk down the aisle in.  That's my big motivator.  Plus, I went the other day and tried on two dresses for my sister's wedding to Misty.  Okay so they are getting married in Feb in Iowa because South Carolina's consitiution says that gay marriage is illegal but still.....they are having a committement ceremony here in May.  One was a size 20....I looked 9 months preggers in it.  The 22 fit....I just had a small pouch....of course Spanx would take care of that but still.  I have until May to get my ass in a 18....that's my goal!  Size 18 by May.  That's three dress sizes.  Then I'm going for a 16.  Then 14.  Then 12!  I will get my ass in shape.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Two: Things set in motion

Day two....Part One.  Starting Weight 268 lbs.

Despite wanting to munch mindlessly and having the means to do it, I resisted.  So things are officially set to go....That is the first step.  Not eating just because I can or because I'm bored.  That's one reason why I have to lose 100 lbs.  Each day I will set goals.  And I'm rewarding myself with a penny for each goal I achieve.  Today's goals are:

    Write in my Blog (which I am doing currently)
 Look up recipe for Oven Fried Chicken (which I have done on my sparkpeople account).  
    Drink 8 cups of water.
     Read for an Hour (which I did this morning)
    Walk around the block (which is a half mile)
    Take "January 2012" photos to show my progress
    Eat four small meals and two healthy snacks.
    Purge house of "bad" foods.

I'm also working towards 10 years by checking out a venue called the Ryan Nicholas Inn in Simpsonville.  I've heard great things about the venue and I want to see if it could fit my vision.  

I've downloaded music too that motivates me.  Now I just need to put it on my ipod and burn it on a cd.  

Food Tracker:

Breakfast:  2 slices of white bread (toasted)
1 Tbsp of Lake Land Butter
16 oz. Diet Pepsi.

So kiddies....that's it for part one.  Will update later when I've finished my lovely goals.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One: New Year. New Me.

Every year millions of people around the world make the same resolution.  "I will exercise.  I will diet.  I will lose weight."

I have been one of those millions for several years only to realize that by the second week in January that the resolution has failed horribly.  So, this year, I'm setting a three year goal.  Starting today, January 1, 2012, I am going to lose 100 lbs by June 18, 2015.  Through eating right, setting limits, and support from my wonderful husband I will lose the weight.  And in October 2015 I will renew my vows to an amazing guy.  This blog will detail my hard, rocky road to 100 pounds gone and 10 years with an amazing husband.  It will also contain many plans for my wedding and photos to show my progress!